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Sections In Brief

Competition/Chiefly new works from the latter half of 2011, this section showcases films exploring our times, delivering excitement and sensation. Distinguished filmmakers use anger, fear, tears, and laughter to capture the world.
SPECIAL SCREENINGS/23 of the latest films will be shown prior to general release. The section is even stronger this year, with a special opening film. Other events which will set the mood for the festival such as stage appearances by various guests are worthy of attention!
WINDS OF ASIA-MIDDLE EAST Film Panorama of Asia-Middle East/This section includes Film Panorama of Asia-Middle East, plus three special programs. Enjoy these fresh cinematic breezes from our close neighbors Korea and China, and from as far as the Middle East.
WINDS OF ASIA-MIDDLE EAST Filipino Express: New Breeze from CINEMALAYA/The latest award-winning films from Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival held every July and known for its feverish excitement will be shown. A symposium is also scheduled.
WINDS OF ASIA-MIDDLE EAST SUGINO Kiki: Muse of the Asian Indie Cinema/Kiki Sugino, an up-and-coming actress and a producer who transcends national borders across Korea, Japan and Malaysia is placed in the spotlight, reviewing her works from the debut work to the latest world premiere.
Discovering Asian Cinema: Documentaries on film histories and legendary filmmakers in Asian
countries such as India, Korea, and the Philippines, including an
encore screening of Hyeon-hae-tan Knows.
JAPANESE EYES/This section promotes Japan's Independent films and showcases their diversity to the world. These directors, each with an individual style, will provide viewers with a unique cinematic experience.
WORLD CINEMA/For cinephiles: festival award-winners, controversial films from auteurs, new films by young filmmakers with strong TIFF ties. Many of these films have no definite release date, so don't miss this opportunity!
natural TIFF supported by TOYOTA/″Living in touch with nature″ is the theme of this section. 10 high quality new films will be screened.
Special Presentation -Homage to Maestro/A documentary with a new approach to Kurosawa through the testimonies of 11 world-famous filmmakers. A demonstration of the universal achievement he left in the history of world movies.
Special Presentation – Overcoming the Disaster/The latest film by the director of Haru's Journey made with hope for Japan's recovery. A love-hate drama of three sisters who come back home after the quake.
Special Presentation – 40th Anniversary of Friendship between Japan and China/Set in Aomori, Beijing and Tokyo, the film depicts everlasting love beyond national borders and races. This realistic portrayal of family love is a must-see.
Filmmaker's Angle/A leading Japanese film maker is invited each night to share the fascination of films with movie lovers. This section is composed of a conference and screenings. The theme of this year is "From the past to the future".
Kyoko Kagawa Retrospective:Hosted by National Film Center, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / Tokyo International Film Festival, Dates: 10.24 Mon - 10.28 Fri    Venue:TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills /TOHO CINEMAS Chanter
Bunka-Cho Film Week 2011 - Here & There:Dates:10.22 Sat - 10.29 Sat,Venue:Roppongi Hills/Cinemart Roppongi
Minato Screening:Dates:10.22 Sat / 10.29 Sat,Venue:TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills /Roppongi Hills arena
Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award Film Screening and Symposium:Date:10.27 Thu,Venue:TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills
Symposium" In considering the ways of films for people with visual and hearing disabilities " /" The Yellow Handkerchief"Barrier-free Screening:Date:10.28 Fri,Venue:TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills
24th Tokyo International Women's Film Festival:Dates:10.23 Sun - 10.26 Wed,Venue:Instituto Cervantes de Tokio
100th Nihonbashi Bridge The Juzo Itami Retrospective『JUZO AGAIN』:Dates:10.22 Sat - 10.24 Mon,Venue:Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall (COREDO Muromachi 4F) / TOHO CINEMAS ROPPONGI HILLS
Korean Cinema Week 2011:Dates:10.29 Sat - 10.31 Mon,Venue:Korean Cultural Center Hanmadang Hall / Iino Hall
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia "Focus on Asia" & Workshop:Dates:10.27 Thu - 10.30 Sun  *The workshop will be held on 30.,Venue:Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2011 China Movie Television Program Exchange Week / China Animation Festival:Dates:10.22 Sat - 10.30 Sun,Venue:TOKYO / SAPPORO
Tanabe-Benkei Film Festival 2011:Dates:11.25 Fri - 11.27 Sun,Venue:Kinan Cultural Center
UNIJAPAN Entertainment Forum:Dates:10.23 Sun - 10.28 Fri,Venue:Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 40F / Roppongi Academyhills 49
JFC Locations Fair 2011:Date:10.26 Wed 11:00 - 17:00,Venue:Roppongi Academyhills 49 Tower Hall A
EOS Movie - The Dawn of New Movie Images:Date:10.29 Sat,Venue:TOHO CINEMAS ROPPONGI HILLS Premier Screen  *Only people who are invited can attend this seminar.
Mini Seminar: "Japan – Hong Kong Co-production Scheme" & Cocktail Reception: "Hong Kong Cinema @ TIFF",Date:10.24 Mon,Venue: Grand Hyatt Tokyo


A great film combines modernity that reflects the current times and universality that stimulates our artistic sensibility. The Competition line up this year will include mainly fall premiere films which provide excitement and emotion by capturing the psychology of people living in this age.
The collection of 15 films in this section includes premiere screenings of works directed by world renowned directors as well as some created by promising young directors, all competing to be selected as the best of the best. If I were to give a common theme to the films, I would say it is "how an individual can fight against the world": a woman who takes a firm decision to live as a man in a conservative period; a young man who strives to crawl his way up from poverty; a middle-aged man who entrusts his determination to attain peace for the region to a pig… You will come to see the framework of ambiguity in modern society through an individual's prayer or wish in each of these films.
Please find out with your own eyes how these excellent filmmakers use anger, fear, tears and laughter in their works to focus on particular aspects of the world we live in.

Yoshi Yatabe

Programming Director
The 24th TIFF

Special Screenings

The Special Screenings section presents a chance to see films that are not yet on general release. This year's selection includes The Three Musketeers, a big-screen action adventure directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and shot in state-of-the-art 3D, and Moneyball, directed by Bennett Miller and starring Brad Pitt. They have been selected as our official opening and official closing films respectively. In addition to these two high-quality productions, we have also selected 1911, a historical epic starring Jackie Chan, as the special opening film.
It will be the first time since the 10th TIFF in 1997 for us to have two opening films. However, we were eager to accept as many as possible of the wonderful films that were entered from Asia, Europe and the United States; we consider them as a form of thoughtful support for Japan that experienced the terrible natural disaster only a few months ago. That is why we decided to have two opening films this year.
Along with these three films, we are presenting a truly entertaining selection of films from Japan and abroad. We hope that you will visit TIFF to enjoy this collection of excellent films!

Nobushige Toshima

Programming Director
The 24th TIFF Special Screenings Section

Winds of Asia-Middle East

Five years have passed since we used the motto "more widely than ever, stronger than ever!" However, the winds of Asian films continue to blow strongly, and we have once again achieved a collection of many sensational works.
One of the trends in recent years has been an increasing number of films created by a multinational staff and cast, as you will see from our program. And cases in which Japanese literary works have been cinematized by non-Japanese Asian filmmakers, as exemplified by last year's Norwegian Wood, are much in evidence. SHIIKU(Grbierd' Elevage) and TATSUMI are examples of noteworthy films that indicate a new trend linking Asian films and Japan.
We hope you will enjoy a refreshing breeze from the vast Asian region with films made both in neighboring countries in East Asia and countries further away in the Middle East.

Kenji Ishizaka

Programming Director
The 24th TIFF Winds of Asia-Middle East Section

Japanese Eyes

The Japanese Eyes section strongly supports Japanese independent films by presenting their diversity to the world.
This year we will be introducing new films created by four promising Japanese directors: Satoru Hirohara, PFF Award winner who has been recognized by film festivals around the world; Juichiro Yamasaki reflects on his own life as a farmer in his down-to-earth film; Kiyoshi Sugita, who started his career as an assistant director to Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Shinji Aoyama after graduating from the Film School of Tokyo; and Keiichi Kobayashi, with a background as a TV director, who is known for his discerning eye for visuals.
We will also screen films that exemplify the diversity of Japanese films: a documentary film on the world-class ballet dancer Yasuyuki Shuto, directed by Junko Kobayashi; a work co-directed by Nobuhisa Sano and Erlan Nurmuhambetov filmed entirely in the magnificent land of Kazakhstan; and an action horror movie by Takanori Tsujimoto starring Yasuaki Kurata, a Japanese actor popular around Asia.
And we are proud to welcome back Tetsuaki Matsui, the winner of the Japanese Eyes Best Picture Award at the 22nd TIFF, who has fully sublimated his feelings about the devastating disaster in Japan into a film of great depth.


The WORLD CINEMA section features films that have been popular at international film festivals held this year – such as Sundance, Rotterdam, Berlin, Cannes, and Venice. As a general rule, they are new titles by renowned directors for which the theatrical release in Japan was still undecided as of August 31, 2011. The collection of films is a must-see for film lovers: award-winning films, a controversial film by a unique director, a new work by a promising young director with deep relationship with TIFF…and much more! Since many of the films that were screened in last year's WORLD CINEMA section have later found distributors, this section also plays an important role from the viewpoint of foreign film distribution in Japan. We hope your will enjoy all of these films!

natural TIFF supported by TOYOTA

Introduced at the 21st Tokyo International Film Festival, the natural TIFF section showcases various types of films devoted to the Festival's theme of "Green/Ecology". This year's collection includes hardline works that tackle ecological issues head-on, as well as amusing works that gently raise awareness of how people can coexist with nature or the relationships between nature and our lives. The common concept of all these documentaries and fictional films is "How we should live in relation to nature". Please enjoy these 10 new high-quality films.

KEIRIN.JPThe 24th Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
23rd Tokyo International Film Festival(2010)