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Village without Women


Director:Srdjan Sarenac

Comedy Documentary

Asian Premiere

10/25 13:15- 10/29 11:40-

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83min Serbian, Albanian Color | 2010 Croatia=France | 

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In the woman-less village of Zabrdje in southwest Serbia, atop a mountain 4 kilometers from the nearest road, the Jankovic brothers decide to get married.


Dragan, Zoran, and Rodoljub, along with their neighbor, Velimir, represent the entire population of what was once a vibrant rural community. They live in tough conditions. No running water, no roads, not even a hint of a woman’s touch. Not to mention, the three brothers still share the same bedroom. Zoran, the eldest brother, dreams of marrying a woman capable of handling life in Zabrdje. Despite his efforts, he fails to convince a Serbian woman to join them in village.

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10/25 13:15 - 14:38 (83min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1300(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1300(Tax included)

Special student admission tickets at the door: ¥500(Tax included)


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10/29 11:40 - 13:03 (83min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1300(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1300(Tax included)

Special student admission tickets at the door: ¥500(Tax included)


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Srdjan Sarenac

An award winning film director, screenwriter and producer with nine years of experience in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, the Netherlands and France. Worked on short movies, documentaries, comedy shows, documentary series and commercials.

Director/Script/Co-producer/Sound Recordist : Srdjan Sarenac
Producer : Estelle Robin You
Producer : Maël Mainguy
Co-producer : Igor A Nola
Direcor of Photography : Pablo Ferro
Editor : Ksenija Petricic
Original Score Composer : Dejan Pejovic

Zolan Jankovic
Rodoljub Jankovic
Dragan Jankovic
The Rooster
Pavlo “The Matchmaker”

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