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[ ハードロマンチッカー ]

Director:Gu Su-yeon

Action Youth Drama

10/26 17:50-

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108min Japanese Color | 2011 Japan | Distributor in Japan : TOEI COMPANY,LTD.

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Having received many awards in advertizing, Director Gu Su-yeon depicts endless cycle of violence in his third film. Shota Matsuda plays the leading role in a controversial story.

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10/26 17:50 - 19:53 (108min.)

Greeting from the stage

Guest (tentative):Gu Su-yeon(Director), Shota Matsuda(Actor), Kento Nagayama(Actor), Kaname Endo(Actor), Atsuro Watabe(Actor), Kuroyume(Musician)

Advance Tickets ¥1800(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1800(Tax included)

Special student admission tickets at the door: ¥500(Tax included)


* Please note that the screening schedule, Q&A and Greeting from the Stage are subject to change. The stage appearances of guests and scheduled closing time of the show may change according to circumstances.

* Advance Tickets can be purchased by telephone/internet and from convenience stores (Seven-Eleven, CircleKSunkus, Lawson) and playguide on First-come basis.

* Please be forewarned that the number of Tickets at the Door is limited. Tickets at the Door can be only purchased two tickets per person. You are kindly requested not to form a queue before the theater in the late-evening.

Gu Su-yeon

As the second generation of Koreans residing in Shimonoseki, he made a debut as a commercial film director at the age of 26. Since then he had directed more than 1,000 commercial films and won many awards including the highest award called ACC. He came out as a writer in 2001 with “Worst by Chance.” In 2003, he directed his original story and made a debut as a film director.

Director/Original Story : Gu Su-yeon
Screenplay : Mitsunori Gu
Executive Producer : Naoya Kinoshita
Executive Producer : Haruki Kadokawa
Executive Producer : Shigeyuki Endo
Producer : Kimio Kataoka
Producer : Masahiro Harada
Music : Kaoru Wada

Shota Matsuda
Kento Nagayama
Tokio Emoto
Kaname Endo
Yoko Maki
Shidou Nakamura
Atsuro Watabe

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