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Nominated for Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award

11 Flowers

[ 我十一 ]

Director:Wang Xiaoshuai


10/24 20:10- 10/28 11:00-

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115min Chinese Color | 2011 China=France | 

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In the years just before Mao's death, Wang Han, an 11-year-old boy from the province of Guizhou, comes face to face with a murderer on the run. Hidden in the woods, he tries to convince Wang Han to help him get away.


Wang Han, an eleven-year-old boy in the province of Guizhou, is confronted with a runaway murderer. Hiding in the woods, the wounded man runs away with Wang Han's shirt and later persuades him to help him out. Both frightened and fascinated, Wang Han and his friends agree to keep his presence a secret from the police. But strange things are happening at school, and the police are everywhere...

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10/24 20:10 - 22:05 (115min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1300(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1300(Tax included)

Special student admission tickets at the door: ¥500(Tax included)



10/28 11:00 - 12:55 (115min.)

Advance Tickets ¥1300(Tax included) |Tickets at the Door ¥1300(Tax included)

Special student admission tickets at the door: ¥500(Tax included)


* Please note that the screening schedule, Q&A and Greeting from the Stage are subject to change. The stage appearances of guests and scheduled closing time of the show may change according to circumstances.

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Wang Xiaoshuai

Graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, he wrote and directed his first feature The Days (1993) at the age of twenty-seven. In 2001, Beijing Bicycle won the Grand Jury Silver Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2005, Shanghai Dreams won the Jury Price in the Cannes Film Festival. In 2008, In Love We Trust won the Silver Bear for the Best Screenplay in Berlin.

Director/Screenplay/Producer : Wang Xiaoshuai
Cinematographer : Dong Jinsong
Production Designer : Lu Dong
Producer : Isabelle Glachant
Producer : Didar Domehri
Editor : Nelly Quettier
Sound Director : Fu Kang

Liu Wenqing
Wang Jingchun
Yen Ni
Zhang Kexuan
Zhong Guo Liuxing
Lou Yihao

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