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From the Login Page for Press Pass Holders, you can:

aPhoto Registration (required)

* ATTENTION! The deadline for uploading a photo is September 30, 2011
You must upload a portrait photo before the expiry date.

bCorrect or change the data that you entered when applying for a Press ID

cMake reservations for ID Screenings

* ID Screenings (Screenings for Pass Holders)
To ensure access to an ID screening, please make a reservation through the TIFF website. A seat for a screening cannot be guaranteed without a reservation. The screenings schedule and instructions for making a reservation will be available on the TIFF website and also sent to all members of the press via e-mail.

dChanging Password

ePress Release

fVisa Support Application

* ATTENTION! The Visa Support Application Deadline: September 26, 2011
Members of the press who need a letter of invitation to apply for a visa to visit Japan, must submit an online application for visa support. After you submit the application, the press office will contact you by email.

KEIRIN.JPThe 24th Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
23rd Tokyo International Film Festival(2010)