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Green Carpet Club

Green Carpet Club

Establishment of the 'Green Carpet Club'

GCC makes the upmost effort to ensure a healthy environment for the next generation.

TIFF is establishing the "Green Carpet Club" in order to further develop TIFF's ecological and green initiatives for today's filmmakers, film fans, and the future for the next generation.
The GCC enlists advocates of these initiatives as members. These members will convey their warm and supportive messages to cinema fans around the globe via our website.
Film fans can participate in the GCC's many planned "green" activities, such as screenings of movies with "green" power, the Earth Conference, and so on. GCC news and activities will be updated regularly in TIFF's mail magazine.

Green Carpet Club

All of us-filmmakers, film fans, and film community-call the Earth our home.

All of the films were screened using 'green' power and various initiatives were launched, such as the 'natural TIFF' category, which featured films with the theme, 'Coexistence of nature and human beings.' On opening day, guests were welcomed with the Green Carpet instead of the traditional red carpet, symbolizing our commitment to 'green' issues.

This year, we are extending our Green Carpet welcome and commitment to 'green' issues by establishing the Green Carpet Club for the friends of the Tokyo International Film Festival. The Green Carpet Club will be officially announced on May 15, 2009.

Films create another world on the screen through the imaginations of filmmakers and film fans. That power of films to create imaginary worlds can also be used by filmmakers to stimulate fresh ideas for protecting our planet's environment.

At the 21st Tokyo International Film Festival, we confirmed that filmmakers, film fans, and the film community share a clear and common desire to 'love the earth.' This year, we wish to extend this awareness into the future for the next generation.

Chairman  Tokyo International Film Festival / Green Carpet Club  Tom Yoda

Concept / Vision

With the support of filmmakers and film fans from around the world, the Green Carpet Club will promote green activities that will help preserve the natural environment of the Earth and maintain a sustainable society. The Green Carpet Club will make the upmost effort to ensure a healthy environment for the next generation.


1. Promote green activities
Implement green activities at the Tokyo International Film Festival.
2. Increase awareness
Through the Tokyo International Film Festival, raise awareness of the importance of protecting our environment and preserving natural resources for the next generation.
3. Network of supporters
To provide filmmakers and film fans with a deeper understanding of our environment.
To expand this network of people who love films to include more film lovers from around the world.

Green Carpet Club Members

From Overseas*Alphabetical Order= New Members

Caroline Champetier

Director of Photography
The 22nd TIFF International Competition Jury

Tom Yoda's idea about green energy is a great idea for cinema industries.

Hee Moon Cho

Chairman, KOFIC

Lionel Chouchan

President, Le Public Système Cinéma

The Opening Ceremony was a well-organized event. I wish I had come up with the Green Carpet idea for my first film festival in Brazil!

Jacques Cluzaud

The 22nd TIFF Opening Film "Oceans"

"Océans" a fait ses premiers pas sur le Green Carpet du Festival International de Tokyo, bien avant que les spectateurs-citoyens du monde ne découvrent un Océan fragile et merveilleux, menacé mais vivant. Notre Océan, notre Vie.

Pete Doctor

The 22nd TIFF Closing Film "UP"

I'm honored that 'UP' was selected to close TIFF and be associated with the Green Carpet Club- a great way to give back to the planet!

Kim Dong Ho

Festival Director, Pusan International Film Festival

The theme of ecology and the Green Carpet are innovative ideas.

Benoit Ginisty

Interim Director General, International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF)

The decision to use the Green Carpet was extremely innovative. As a global citizen, I believe ecology is a very important issue and I wholeheartedly give the green light to TIFF's ambitions.

Sang Jun Han

Festival Director, PiFan

Green Carpet Club is a fantastic initiative from TIFF that I truly support. Keep up the good work.

Alejandro González Iñárritu

The 22nd TIFF President of the International Competition Jury

I think that the Green Carpet has message of the commitment towards the consciousness of our responsibility for working to make a more ecological and clean world. I think that it's a good idea or a good intention for the film festival to send this idea to hundreds and thousands of people. I consider this as a valuable effort to keep going for the consciousness of the new generation to work for clean environment.

Yoo Ji Tae

Actor / Director
The 22nd TIFF International Competition Jury

Green Carpet became a catalyst and an opportunity to break the stereotype and I thought that the environment and the color green fitted very well.

Abdulhamid Juma

Chairman, Dubai International Film Festival

Everybody nowadays just talks about going Green. TIFF has actually done somethings about it and transformed talk 2 action!

Peter Lam

Chairman, Media Asia Group

TIFF using green carpet is an excellent innovative idea.

Reuben Lim

Lane Street Pictures
Producer of The 21st TIFF Competion "half Life"

I'm definitely a supporter of that cause and I think it's another thing that distinguishes TIFF as a leading world class film festival. I'm proud to have been there at the first year of the green carpet and look forward to many more years of collaboration with your festival.

Fernando Meirelles

The 21st TIFF Special Screenings "BLINDNESS"

"Blindness" is a carbon-free film and we planted 7,000 trees. I think it's very important for the film industry to contribute to the preservation of the global environment.

Jerome Paillard

Executive Director, Cannes Marche

Congratulations! Tom Yoda's initiative focuses the attention of the film community on environmental issues, a topic that we, at the Marché du Film, are proud to share with TIFF.

Jacques Perrin

Director / Actor
The 22nd TIFF Opening Film "Oceans"

le cinéma a la faculté de pouvoir trouver son inspiration dans les thèmes qui préoccupent les citoyens de la plan?te. L'écologie, la protection de la biodiversité sont des sujets majeurs. Le Green Carpet renouvelle tous les ans son attachement à cette cause universelle.

Beki Probst

Director of European Film Market, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

The Green Carpet is a very innovative idea. TIFF has grown to become a great film festival for both Japan and the world.

Jerzy Skolimowski

The 22nd TIFF International Competition Jury

TIFF is a Champion of Ecology.

Sophokles Tasioulis

The 21st TIFF natural TIFF supported by TOYOTA "Earth"

"Cinema is magic and gets to people hearts like nothing else. We can move people, we can engage people and we can make them dream.
The Green Carpet Club is a wonderful platform for all these good causes and it is very important that such a prestigious festival like Tokyo is behind it. "

Jeremy Thomas

Producer, Recorded Picture Company Limited

Green is a beautiful color and a great symbol.

Chalida Uabumrungjit

Project Director, Thai Film Foundation

Jon Voight

President of Jury of the 21st TIFF

"The idea of the Green Carpet is very innovative -
They are using the festival in a very nice way, promoting ecology, and I was happy to be a part of that."

Wilfred Wong

Chairman, The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society

TIFF continues to grow in scale and dignity. Taking environmental protection as the main theme is an excellent idea.

John Woo

The 21st TIFF Opening Film "REDCLIFF Part I"

I'll encourage the organizers of all the other film festivals in the world to turn their ordinary red carpet to green.

From Japan*Alphabetical Order= New Members


TIFF Green Ambassador

I would like to reach more people with the TIFF's Green initiatives for the global environmental issues as Green Ambassador. I wish the festival would become a fruitful platform where participants think about the ecology while enjoying many films.

Tetsuya Bessho

Actor / President of Short Shorts Film Festival
TIFF TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Jury

The power of the Film Festival to express the potential of films can transform? environmental issues from political and social topics into matters closely connected to our own lives.

Mieko Harada

International Competition Jury

Yusuke Iseya


Yoshino Kimura

TIFF Festival Ambassador

I am very honored to be the festival Ambassador this year again. As a performer, audience member, and movie lover, I take pleasure to be of any assistance to TIFF and Green Carpet Club as festival Ambassador.

Masahiko Makino

The 21st TIFF Special Screenings "Penguins in the Sky-Asahiyama Zoo"

The spirit of TIFF should be shared with everyone. You should continue using the Green Carpet.

Masamichi Matsumoto

Director, Cinematheque
The 22nd TIFF International Competition Jury

Keiko Matsuzaka

The 21st TIFF Japanese Eyes "Osaka Hamlet"

It's very significant that this is the first film festival in the world to try using the Green Carpet.


The 21st TIFF Cinema Vibration "ROUTE134STORY Feathers of a Chamomile"

The Green Carpet reminds us all to be on the alert about the things around us.

Kaori Momoi


To gaze at the lovely green carpet and think about the meaning of "green" together with film-lovers worldwide. Wonderful, isn't it!

Kikunosuke Onoe

The 21st TIFF Japanese Eyes "THE CODE"

TIFF is an excellent festival because it contemplates our environment through culture, namely films and art.

Shinichi Takemura

Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design

In the 20th century, we began recording our activities through moving pictures, which opened a new window of self-awareness, including the realization of our immaturity. At the same time, we have become the "eyes" of self-awareness for this extraordinary planet called "Earth." An outward gaze eventually turns inward. Film begins the new century as a medium that enables us to discover new things about the Earth and ourselves.

KEIRIN.JPThe 24th Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
23rd Tokyo International Film Festival(2010)