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The mission of TIFF is to seek out the finest films from around the world and present the essence of Japan's cultures to the world.

We believe that this will contribute to the restoration and recovery of the country, and will organize the following efforts under the "TIFF ARIGATO Project" at the 24th TIFF.

1. TIFF ARIGATO Donations

TIFF has been collecting charitable donations as Green Donations since 2008, and will expand this activity further as "TIFF ARIGATO Donations". Donations collected by placing donation boxes will go to 4 projects below.

Period of donations: From September 2011 to the last day of the 24th TIFF (October 30)
How to donate: - Donation boxes will be placed at various locations of TIFF venues
- Fundraising activities at TIFF's event such as Gala Dinner or Opening Event
- Proceeds of charity auction
- Part of proceeds of official goods or film tickets
How to use the collected donations: - Green Tokyo Fundraising Campaign
- Kinoshita Forest
- Lawson Green Fund
- Cinema Yell Tohoku


TIFF receives many heartfelt messages of sympathy, support, and encouragements from the world. TIFF is publishing these messages along with photos on the official TIFF website. During this year's festival, all the collected photos and messages will be displayed at the TIFF venues.

3. TIFF ARIGATO Wristband

After receiving many messages of encouragement from film people, we decided to show our appreciation by creating a wristband. This "ARIGATO" wristband will be given as a "thank you (ARIGATO)" to one who makes a donation before or during the 24th TIFF.

4. TIFF in Sendai

Tokyo International Film Festival and its supporting partners / sponsors will create opportunities to experience TIFF and to encourage people in devastated area, in Sendai, Tohoku.

Date: October 25 (Tue), 2011
Venue: MOVIX Sendai
Films to be screened: - "Hal's Fiute" (presented by: TMS ENTERTAINMENT)
- "A Ghost of a Chance" (Distributor in Japan : TOHO)
- "KAIJI 2" (Distributor in Japan : TOHO)
- "THE THREE MUSKETEERS" (Distributor in Japan : GAGA)
* Invitation only through PR activities in Sendai.

5. Special Presentation : Overcoming the Disaster

The following films will be presented under the theme of "Overcoming the Disaster"

Films to be screened: - "FUKUSHIMA HULA GIRLS" (Director: Masaki Kobayashi)
- "Women on the Edge" (Director: Masahiro Kobayashi)
- "Ima Tsutaetaikoto Kitto Waraeru 2021 Executive Committee"


Alphabetical Order (Last Name)
* The images are created by TIFF SIGN & ARCHIVE SYSTEM.

Mr. Luc Besson

Film Director

Mr. Chuck Boller

Executive Director, Hawaii International Film Festival

Mr. Paul Atkins

Director of Photography, "The Tree of Life"

Mr. & Mrs. Cristian Couderc


Mr.Chris Dodd


Mr. Kim Dong-Ho

Honorary Festival Director,
Busan International Film Festival

Ms.Julie Dreyfus

Movie Star

H.E. Mr. Philippe Faure

Former French Ambassador

Ms. Kazue Fukiishi

Movie Star

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Garcia

Executive Director,
Hong Kong International Film Festival

Mdm. Regine Hatchondo

General Manager, uniFrance

Mr. Yuichi Ide


Mr. Hirokazu Kore-eda

Film Director

Mr. Dieter Kosslick

Festival Director,
Berlin International Film Festival

Mr. Stefan Laudyn

Director of the Warsaw Film Festival

Mr. Yong-Kwan Lee

Festvial Director,
Busan International Film Festival

Mr. Serge Losique


Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Marquet

Producer, Group UN

Ms. Marion Billet


Mr. Amir Naderi

Film Director

Mr. Jerome Paillard

Executive Director, Marche du Film

Mr. Jiang Ping

Vice President of China Film Group Corporation

Ms. Beki Probst

Director, European Film Market

Mr. Yoichi Sai

Film Director

Mr. Lee Sang-il

Film Director

Mr. & Mrs. Luis Alberto Scalella

President, FIAPF

Mr. & Mrs. Luis Alberto Scalella

President, FIAPF

Mr. Benoit Ginisty

Director General, FIAPF

Mr. Michael von Wolken Stein


Mr. Jeremy Thomas


Mr. Shogo Tomiyama

Japan Academy Prize Association

Ms.Tomoko Fushimi

Producer, Running Beagle LLC

Mr. Olivier Treiner

Film Director

Mr. Satoshi Tsumabuki

Movie Star

Mr. John Woo

Film Director

Mr. Tom Yoda

Chairman, Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF & TIFFCOM)

KEIRIN.JPThe 24th Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
23rd Tokyo International Film Festival(2010)