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Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix goes to "Untouchable"

Untouchable wins Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix and the Award for Best Actor!
Special Jury Prize went to The Woodsman and the Rain with the Director Shuichi Okita
and starring Koji Yakusho and Shun Oguri.
The Audience Award voted by the general audience was awarded to When Pigs Have Wings
directed by Sylvain Estibal.

Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix



Director:Eric Toledano / Olivier Nakache

Special Jury Prize

The Woodsman and the Rain[ キツツキと雨 ]

Director: Shuichi Okita

Award for Best Director

Ruben Östlund


Award for Best Actress

Glenn Close

("Albert Nobbs")

Award for Best Actor

François Cluzet / Omar Sy


Award for Best Artistic Contribution

KORA[ 转山 ]

Director: Du Jiayi

Award for Best Artistic Contribution

Detachment[ Detachment ]

Director: Tony Kaye

The Audience Award

When Pigs Have Wings
[ Le Cochon de Gaza ]

Director: Sylvain Estibal

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix winner was selected amongst the films which hold the theme of ecology, the ways to relate with earth and the coexistence of nature and the human being. The prize was awarded to The Mirror Never Lies!

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

The Mirror Never Lies

[ Laut Bercermin ]

Director: Kamila Andini

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Special Jury Prize

Happy People: A Year in the Taiga
[ Happy People: A Year in the Taiga ]

Director: :Werner Herzog / Dmitry Vasyukov

Winds of Asia - Middle East

Winds of Asia Middle–East section screens films that are produced in the Asia and Middle East regions and selects the best film to award Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award. The award was presented to Trespassers by Director Jeffrey Jeturian.

Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award


[Bisperas ]

Director: Jeffrey Jeturian

Winds of Asia-Middle East,
Special Mention

The Mirror Never Lies[ Laut Bercermin ]

Winds of Asia-Middle East,
Special Mention


Winds of Asia-Middle East,
Special Mention

The Robot[ ENDHIRAN ]

Japanese Eyes

Japanese Eyes Best Picture Award was selected amongst the 8 films screened in the Japanese Eyes and the award is given to About the Pink Sky.

Japanese Eyes, Best Picture Award

About the Pink Sky

[ ももいろそらを ]

Director: Keiichi Kobayashi

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