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Asian Stars receive “Arigato” Wristbands in Shanghai

June 12, 2011, Shanghai, China; Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) and TIFFCOM today received warm messages of support for Japan regarding the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 from participants at the opening event of Japanese Movie and TV Week in Shanghai.

The messages were conveyed by people in the film industry, including the famous Chinese director Mr. John Woo, Japanese directors Mr. Yoichi Sai and Mr. Lee Sang-il, and Japanese movie stars Mr. Satoshi Tsumabuki and Ms. Kazue Fukiishi.

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Mr. John Woo (film director)
©2011 TIFF

Mr. Yoichi Sai (film director)
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Mr. Lee Sang-il (film director)
©2011 TIFF

Mr. Satoshi Tsumabuki (movie star)
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Ms. Kazue Fukiishi (movie star)
©2011 TIFF

Mr. Jiang Ping (vice president of China Film Group Corporation)
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