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Relaying comments of various guests from the 24th TIFF. (Part6)

Masahiro Kobayashi

Relaying comments of various guests from the 24th TIFF. (Part6)
24th TIFF International Competition Jury
Special Presentation – Overcoming the Disaster Women on the Edge
Masahiro Kobayashi
Q: How do you feel about participating in TIFF? I understand that you have participated in this years TIFF as a juror.
Masahiro Kobayashi: I am participating in TIFF as a director and screening two films as special presentation selections this year. I was also a juror for the Winds of Asia in the past. Tokyo International Film Festival helped me heighten my career and I strongly felt that I had to respond to their kindness when I was chosen for the jury.
Q: Was it difficult to judge the film?
Masahiro Kobayashi: It wasn’t that difficult. There were two producers in the jury and essentially producers are known to have different perspectives compared to the directors. But I was surprised when the chairman of the jury made an enthusiastic recommendation of an artistic film such as Play.
Since I am a film maker and a director, I believe that it is our purpose to discover the new talented film directors and give awards to such individuals. The act becomes the encouragement for the film festival including myself. I think that is a very important matter.
Masahiro Kobayashi

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24th TIFF International Competition Jury
Film Director:
Masahiro Kobayashi

October 30th (Sunday) 2011, The 24th Tokyo International Film Festival Award Winners Press Conference
October 23rd (Sunday) 2011, The International Competition Juries had a Press Conference
Women on the Edge
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