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TIFF presents Letter of Appreciation at The 6th Asian Film Awards 2012

Hong Kong: Mr. Tom Yoda, Chairman of Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF & TIFFCOM) and Mr. Hideyuki Takai, President of UNIJAPAN presented the Letter of Appreciation to China Film Foundation, Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, and Hong Kong Film Development Council at the opening ceremony of the 6th Asian Film Awards 2012 (Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center) on March 19, 2012.
Last year, immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, TIFF received so much encouragement from our friends in Hong Kong, China. At the 5th Asian Film Awards ceremony, Mr. Li Qianquan, Chairman of China Film Foundation, presented to Mr. Yoda a letter of condolence from the China All-Artists Union and China Film Foundation.
Thanks to the support from all our film friends, TIFF organized the “TIFF ARIGATO Project”, which brought down the curtain on a successful festival with many excellent films and visitors from around the world in a most difficult year.
On October 20, just before the opening of the 24th TIFF, we received a donation of RMB500,000 for relief and recovery efforts in eastern Japan. This generous donation was made possible through the initiative of Hong Kong and Chinese film makers. The donation was distributed directly to the affected population by the Japan Red Cross Society.
Mr. Yoda, Chairman, commented, “We believe in the power of films and believe that by seeking out and presenting the finest films that inspire dreams and hopes, we can contribute to the recovery of Japan’s film industry and the restoration of the country. We are deeply and sincerely grateful for the heartfelt encouragement and support that you have extended to us and our country.”
Mr. Li Qiankuan, Chairman, China Film Foundation said, “We are most grateful to Chairman Tom Yoda for his appreciation of support shown by Chinese filmmakers. The Great East Japan earthquake was a tragedy that touched the hearts of us all. We were impressed by the Tokyo International Film Festival’s determination to overcome this tragedy and we are sure their efforts will be to the benefit of the Japanese people and their recovery.”

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