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Oct. 24 (Mon)Special Presentation “Homage to Maestro Kurosawa’s Way” Press Conference: Notes & Quotes

Q&A Session featuring Homage to Maestro Kurosawa’s Way from the Special Presentation section was held today as follows:
■ Date & Time October 24th (Monday), from 17:30 @TOHO Cinemas Roppongi 5
■ Appearance Catherine Cadou (Director)



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Director Catherine Cadou preferred to keep standing on stage as she amused the audience with her episodes of Director Akira Kurosawa in her eloquent Japanese. She commenced, “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking the time and great lengths to come today. And to thank the two directors in my movie who are also here today, please welcome them with a round of applause, Director Abbas Kiarostami and Director Shinya Tsukamoto.”


The MC started by commenting how wonderful the movie was and that it reminded him of the 1990 Cannes. Cadou responded, “Yes, that was a memorable year. It was at the opening of Dreams. Gilles Jacob, President of Cannes Film Festival, was planning to have the ten Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) recipients welcome Maestro Kurosawa on the stage, but when the other attending cinéastes heard of this, they too wanted to join on stage to show Maestro Kurosawa their appreciation and gratitude. I’m sure Maestro was surprised and his heart palpitating. My heart too was beating strongly when I was interpreting.”


When asked what inspired her to make this documentary about Kurosawa, Cadou explained, “It was at the Venice International Film Festival in 2009, as well as commemorating Kurosawa’s 100th birthday, and they held a symposium for international film critiques with discussions about Maestro. Unfortunately younger generations have not seen much of Maestro’s movies, but a young director in the back of the room raised his hand saying he did, and that influenced him to become a director, that was Shinya Tsukamoto. I was impressed with what he said, “Maestro is not alive but he still lives, he is still very much alive through his works and influence.” Thus, I thought the best way that it could be portrayed was through directors themselves who best knew him, his character and methods. Kurosawa is probably the most loved in the world. I asked eleven world-known directors, some who have actually met Kurosawa and some who haven’t, to talk about one of their favorite scenes in Kurosawa’s movies. I thought it would be difficult to get Clint Eastwood to participate, but surprisingly he gladly and willingly accepted to talk about A Fistful of Dollars.


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Cadou shared a personal episode with Kurosawa. “It’s a technical episode. Maestro was impressed with the bold subtitles I wrote for Rhapsody in August, and in his final piece to be, Madadayo, it was as though he was challenging me using difficult terminologies. But he enthusiastically took time to explain them to me in details using a lot of onomatopoeia. When I told him certain things would not translate as subtitles, in dismay he said he believed that I could.”
Some of Cadou’s favorite Kurosawa films are Sugata Sanshiro and Dreams. “Sugata Sanchiro depicts the way of self-discipline attained via sports, and this is where I got the theme for my movie Kurosawa’s Way. A person gets to know people through oneself by the way of self-discipline. As for Dreams, it’s an enjoyable picture full of freedom. There are many issues addressed in this piece, and how they are approached is intriguing. I was impressed with the eight different stories, all which could be one movie in itself that he challenged at the age of eighty. “


Having established a trustworthy relationship with Kurosawa, Cadou finished by saying, “I felt rejuvenated having made this movie because I could feel Maestro’s presence when I interviewed the eleven directors.”
Besides being aired on the French cinematic channel, Kurosawa’s Way are screened as a special presentation at various film festivals. Discussions for world premiers are underway. Cadou asking for support called out, “I’d like to see the DVD come out at least!”

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