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The 24th Tokyo International Film Festival Starts October 22, 2011.

The 24th TIFF will be held from October 22 to October 30 under the slogan “Believe! The power of films.” The main venues will be in Roppongi, Tokyo.
We believe in the power of films to inspire people to pursue their dreams. In the hope that showing excellent films will contribute to Japan’s recovery from the March earthquake and tsunami, we will organize the following relief efforts under the TIFF ARIGATO Project before and during the festival.
1.TIFF ARIGATO Donations
TIFF has been collecting charitable “green donations” since 2008, and will expand this activity further as “TIFF ARIGATO Donations.”
All donations collected in the donation boxes will go to the following projects;
-Green Tokyo Fundraising Campaign : http://www.midorinotokyo-bokin.jp/ (Japanese)
-Kinoshita Forest : http://www.kinoshita-group.co.jp/environment/ (Japanese)
-Lawson Green Fund : http://www.lawson.co.jp/company/activity/public/midorinobokin.html (Japanese)
-Cinema Yell Tohoku*1 : http://cinema-yell-tohoku.com/ (Japanese)
TIFF has received many heartfelt messages of sympathy, support, and encouragement from film people around the world. Film-related associations and individuals have organized fundraising initiatives in many countries. These warm messages and smiles encourage us here in Japan as we recover from the disaster. TIFF is publishing the messages and photos on the official TIFF website, as well as displaying them at various TIFF venues during the festival.
3.TIFF ARIGATO wristband
After receiving so many messages of encouragement from film people, we decided to show our appreciation by creating an “Arigato” wristband. This wristband will be given as a “thank you” to everyone who makes a donation before or during the 24th TIFF.
*1: Cinema Yell Tohoku is a project sponsored by various theatres and screening groups to show movies in the devastated areas of Tohoku.
Organizer: Project Committee (Japan Community Cinema Center)
Special support by Unijapan / 24th Tokyo International Film Festival
Tokyo International Film Festival and its supporting partners/sponsors will create opportunities to experience TIFF and to encourage people in devastated area, in Sendai, Tohoku,
October 25(Tue), 2011
MOVIX Sendai
[Films to be screened]
Hal’s Flute”(presented by : TMS ENTERTAINMENT)
A Ghost of a Chance”(Distributor in Japan : TOHO)
“KAIJI 2″(Distributor in Japan : TOHO)
THE THREE MUSKETEERS”(Distributor in Japan : GAGA)
*Invitation only through PR activities in Sendai.
5.Special Presentation-Overcoming the Disaster
[Films to be screened]
Women on the Edge
Ima Tsutaetakoto Kitto Waraeru 2021 Executive Committee

KEIRIN.JPThe 24th Tokyo International Film Festival will be held with funds provided by Japan Keirin Association.TIFF History
23rd Tokyo International Film Festival(2010)